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Can I learn to drive in an automatic car?
Yes, you can learn to drive in an automatic car. It is generally quicker and easier to learn than a manual.
Do you offer discounts?
We only offer joining discount.
Where do you want to meet us for a lesson?
If you are living near the test centre, our instructor can pick you up from your home or you can meet your instructor at a convenient location near the test centre.
Can I start driving lesson without my provisional license?
No. In order to have driving lessons you must be aged 17 and must have valid provisional license.
When can I cancel my lesson?
You must give at least 48 hours’ notice to your instructor if you wish to cancel or re-arrange a booked driving lesson. Failure to do so may result in your instructor charging you the full amount for that driving lesson. Any disputes will be fully investigate by the K Team.
Can I pay online for a lesson?
Yes. Our team will contact you regarding your first lesson with us.
Is it possible to pass my test quickly?
It’s possible for someone to take a 2 week course and pass their test.
Why do people fail their driving test?
1. Not making effective observations at junctions
2. Not using mirrors correctly when changing direction
3. Not having proper control of the steering
4. Incorrect positioning when turning right at junctions
5. Not moving off safely
6. Not responding appropriately to traffic lights
7. Poor positioning on the road during normal driving
8. Not responding correctly to traffic signs
9. Not having control of the vehicle when moving off
10. Not keeping control of the vehicle during reverse parking
Do I need to have lessons every single week?
It all depends on how quickly you want to learn.
Can I have lessons in my own car?
The first lesson will be in the instructors car so that we can assess your ability. The instructor will then decide if you can drive your own car.
Can I request an instructor who speaks my language?
Our instructors speak more than one language. Please contact us if you have specific questions about your language.
What happens if I don't get on well with my instructor?
All of our instructors are qualified but it's important that you get on with your instructor. If not, we can arrange a new one for you (subject to availability).
Can I use my instructors car for the practical test?
Yes, you certainly can. Usually, you'll have a driving lesson just before your practical test. Your driving instructor will normally wait in the test centre whilst you are on your test.

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